prancer is a cloud validation framework using for cloud governance

Step 4 - Configure the resources to inspect

Next, we need to define which resources we want to inspect in our tests.

We assume here that you have a Virtual Network in your Azure subscription for this test. If you don’t have one, create one right now, it is cost free. Once done, run the following commands to create your snapshot file:

cat <<EOT >> validation/container1/snapshot.json
    "fileType": "snapshot",
    "snapshots": [
            "source": "azureConnector",
            "type": "azure",
            "testUser": "prancer-quickstart",
            "subscriptionId": "REPLACE THIS WITH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ID",
            "nodes": [
                    "snapshotId": "1",
                    "type": "Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks",
                    "collection": "Microsoft.Networks",
                    "path": "/resourceGroups/REPLACE THIS WITH RESOURCE GROUP NAME/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/REPLACE THIS WITH VIRTUAL NETWORK NAME"


Replace the values in CAPITAL in the last commands or the example won’t work. If you need help finding this information, checkout the [Azure connector]( reference.

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