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Proactively build your attack-ready clouds

Large-scale cyber assaults occur regularly, and most security systems are reactive to eliminate intrusions. Prancer's patented attack automation framework aggressively validates your zero-trust cloud security measures against real-world critical attacks to harden your cloud ecosystem continuously.

Accurate risk assessment with attack path analysis

It's tedious for security experts to review a large number of findings from various security tools to understand the critical impact of attackers. Prancer's attack path analyzer evaluates the current risk score based on real-time application penetration testing findings and infrastructure vulnerability discoveries to provide a more accurate risk assessment.

as a Service

PPentest as Code (PAC) codifies and validates the company's cloud applications against the zero-day vulnerabilities and latest cyber security threats to build an attack-ready cloud rapidly in a cost-effective way.

Code Security

PPrancer security scanning engine does the static code analysis (SCA) on all IaC formats against more than a thousand out-of-the-box policies mapped to compliance frameworks and best practices.

Code Security

PThe Supply Chain Security engine understands the Software Bill of Material (SBOM), uses that information to prevent supply chain attacks and correlates the findings with PAC alerts to remediate.

Cloud Discovery
and Security

PPrancer Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) engine validates the security configurations of cloud live resources against compliance frameworks and provides intel to PAC to make the targeted attack.

Zeroday as a service
(ZDaaS TM) for contextual
security testing

Companies should be prepared for Zero-day vulnerabilities to avoid expensive and time-consuming cleanups. Prancer's Zero-Day As A Service (ZDaaS TM) automatically discovers and pentests the applications and APIs against zero-days and common cloud CVEs in real-time. In the most recent Log4J episode, Prancer not only identified apps with high-risk profiles but also validated cloud infrastructure and supply-chain security fixes.

Deliver frictionless secure
developer experience

Prancer effectively gives developers and security analysts access to a ready-to-use, managed pentesting platform early in the SDLC process (shift-left features). The Prancer CLI is deployed directly into CI pipelines to allow for automatic application security testing at each build, plus real-time testing in post-deployment pipelines. These technologies create a hybrid approach that combines the best elements of defense-in-depth and validation-in-depth security measures.

Transparency, customization
via Security Policy as Code

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools can't analyze contemporary web applications or APIs in a contextual white-box view for container and serverless apps. Usually, DAST relies on embedded agents on the runtime networks, which is no longer feasible. DAST evaluation presents difficulties integrating bespoke business logic into authenticated scans. With Pentesting As Code (PAC TM) framework, Prancer transparently automates contextual policy as code enforcement from pre-deployment or post-deployment.

Why is API Security Testing
at scale important?

API security testing is crucial since many organizations rely on APIs to exchange data and communicate with clients and partners. Any breach may cause significant financial and reputation damage. Furthermore, as APIs become more sophisticated, their protection becomes increasingly challenging. Prancer's Pentesting As Code (PAC TM) framework seamlessly integrates intelligent fuzzers and security policies to secure your APIs at pre-deployment and runtime continuously.

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