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Application Security Framework by OWASP: Empowering Your Software’s Defense – (3 Key Principles to Implement)
November 15, 2023

In our tech-savvy era, where digital threats morph as quickly as technology itself, protecting your applications is not just a technical challenge, but a vital necessity. That’s where the Application Security Framework by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) steps in. It’s not just another set of guidelines; it’s like a comprehensive, ever-evolving manual for safeguarding your digital creations. Let’s unpack this framework together and discover how it can be your secret weapon in the ongoing cyber war.


Application Security Standards

OWASP’s framework is like your North Star in the complex universe of application security. It’s the yardstick against which we measure our defenses, offering a structured way to build and maintain secure software. In our team at Prancer, we’ve woven OWASP’s principles into the very fabric of our automated penetration testing solutions. We aim to provide you not just state-of-the-art defense mechanisms but tools that resonate with OWASP’s trusted standards.


Application Security Verification Standard

At the heart of application security lies the Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) – a key piece of the OWASP puzzle. Think of ASVS as a customizable security checklist, with varying levels of rigor tailored to meet your specific needs. By aligning our automated penetration testing solutions with ASVS, we at Prancer are committed to guiding you along the path set by OWASP, ensuring that your application’s security is nothing short of top-notch.


Three Human-Centric OWASP Principles for Stronger Software

Here are three key OWASP principles that we believe are crucial:

  • Shift-Left Security: This principle is all about bringing security into the conversation from day one of your software development. It’s like building a house and making sure the foundation is rock-solid before you even think about the paint color. Our tools at Prancer are designed to identify potential issues early on, saving you from future headaches.
  • Never-Ending Vigilance with Continuous Monitoring and Testing: The digital world never sleeps, and neither should your application’s security. Continuous monitoring means keeping an ever-watchful eye on your software, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. That’s what our solutions aim to provide – a 24/7 guardian for your digital assets.
  • Building a Culture of Security Awareness: Knowledge is your first line of defense. OWASP emphasizes the importance of educating and empowering your team to recognize and tackle security risks. We at Prancer are big believers in this approach and strive to equip your staff with the know-how they need to be cyber-savvy.


Prancer’s Role: More Than Just Tools

At Prancer, we see ourselves as much more than just a provider of tools. We’re in the business of offering comprehensive solutions that truly embody the essence of OWASP’s framework. Think of our automated penetration testing as having an always-on digital security guru as part of your team. This expert tirelessly tunes and strengthens your defenses to keep pace with the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats.



let’s talk about building a future that’s resilient to cyber threats. In these times, where digital threats are omnipresent, OWASP’s Application Security Framework stands as a beacon of strength. By adopting its principles and teaming up with Prancer for automated penetration testing, you’re doing more than just defending your software. You’re preparing it to stand strong and firm against the ever-changing waves of cyber challenges. Remember to stay vigilant and secure, and trust in OWASP’s guidance to navigate the complex terrain of cybersecurity.