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Cloud Security Validation at Scale

Shift Security to the left by Prancer's end-to-end cloud security platform. Prancer's static code analyzer for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enforces cloud security posture right from the development lifecycle. And our continuous compliance engine scans your cloud in real-time based on Policy as Code.

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Security Compliance

Why prancer?

With the rapid pace of provisioning cloud resources and a large number of new resource types and features cloud providers release on a weekly basis, it is impossible for the company’s security team to validate and certify all of the changes in the cloud environment end-to-end. Prancer platform enforces security compliance throughout the entire lifecycle of the cloud. It can be integrated into the company’s DevSecOps process to enforce security on Infrastructure as Code and shifting security to the left. Also, it can connect to your cloud provider of choice to ensure continuous compliance up in the cloud.

Cloud Compliance

Prancer platform embraces the power of Policy as Code for your Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and live Cloud resources. These compliance tests are based on industry standards like HIPPA, PCI, SCI ,… and aslo custom policies.

Auto remediation

Prancer platform provides you with the required tools and best practices to shift the security to the left and keep your Infrastructure as Code secure. For all the non compliant items, we are providing auto remediation to fix the problems.

Static Code Analysis

Prancer platform offers comprehensive validation tests for your Infrastructure as a Code pipeline. It can connect to multiple cloud providers and your git repositories to validate the entire lifecycle of resources in the cloud.

Prancer integrates with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Kubernetes clusters.

Validation across
multiple cloud providers

End-to-end Cloud Security

Prancer is a pre-deployment and post-deployment multi-cloud security platform for your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and live cloud environment. It shifts the security to the left and provides end-to-end security scanning based on the Policy as Code concept. DevOps engineers can use it for static code analysis on IaC to find security drifts and maintain their cloud security posture with continuous compliance features.

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Infrastructure as Code security

For the Infrastructure as Code security, we can connect to any git repository and validate Cloud Native formats (ARM, CloudFormation, Deployment Files), Terraform, JSON formats, YAML files and plain text files.

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