Cloud Security Validation at Scale

Prancer is a pre-deployment and post-deployment multi-cloud validation framework for your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipeline that supports continuous compliance in the cloud.

Why prancer

Enterprise companies are building resources in the cloud at the speed of light. This makes it impossible for security operators to oversee all the details involved. Prancer cloud validation framework enforces compliance throughout the entire cloud lifecycle. It can be integrated into the company’s DevSecOps process to enforce compliance on Infrastructure as Code. Also, it can connect to your cloud provider of choice to ensure continuous compliance in the cloud. With prancer, the use cases are countless and you can apply cloud compliance, ensure cloud security and certify cloud validation.

Cloud Compliance

Prancer has built-in compliance tests available for your Infrastructure as Code, and Cloud. These compliance tests are based on industry standards like HIPPA, PCI, SCI and other frameworks.

Cloud Security

Prancer provides you with the required tools and best practices to keep your Infrastructure as Code pipeline secure. Also, through the available cloud scanners, it ensures continuous security monitoring for your cloud.

Cloud Validation

Prancer offers comprehensive validation tests for your Infrastructure as Code pipeline. It can connect to multiple cloud providers and your git repositories to validate the resources in the entire pipeline.

Validation across multiple cloud providers

Prancer helps you to connect to different cloud providers and compare the implementations

Currently we can connect to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google cloud platforms.

For the Infrastructure as Code validation , we can connect to any git repository and
read custom JSON formats, YAML files and plain text files and run compliance tests against them.

Press Release

Prancer Launches its Own YouTube Channel

Prancer Launches its Own YouTube Channel

San Diego, CA - June 16th 2020 - Prancer, a company that provides clients with a framework to validate cloud resources, is excited to announce the launch of their very own YouTube channel. The channel provides viewers with informative videos that can be used to better...

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Man-in-the-Middle Cyber Attack

With a Man-in-the-middle (MITM) cyberattack, a third party is able to interrupt communication between and the victim and the intended receiver. This type of attack comes in many different forms that all work to deceive the victim, find vulnerabilities in cloud...

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