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Build Attack Ready Cloud

Large-scale cyber assaults occur regularly, and most security systems are reactive to eliminate intrusions. Prancer’s patented attack automation solution aggressively validates your zero-trust cloud security measures against real-world critical attacks to harden your cloud ecosystem continuously. It automates the discovery of cloud APIs across an organization. It offers automated cloud pentesting, enabling businesses to quickly identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities related to their APIs and minimize false positives with correlated risk scoring. An Automated Cloud Pentesting With Prancer.



Prancer auto-discovers enterprise resources in the cloud and find out all the attack surfaces at the Infrastructure and Application layers.



Prancer engine reviews the security configuration of the resources and correlates data from different sources. It immediately reports back all the security misconfigurations and provides auto remediation.



Based on the Intelligence out of the auto-discovery and analysis phase, Prancer strategizes attacks against enterprise assets.


Attack Automation

Prancer engine creates attack chains and lateral movement strategies. It schedules the attacks on demand, based on CI / CD pipeline or in a continuous mode.


Codified Attack

The latest attacks reload from the codified attack database. This database is maintained by the Prancer Research team feeding from CVEs, CSPs, and national vulnerability databases.


Attack Emulation

Prancer patented Pentesting as Code (PAC) engine makes attacks emulation and cloud pentesting against enterprise assets to find vulnerabilities and exploits the system.


Risk Assessment

Prancer presents the prioritized risks and security assessment of company assets from the attacker's viewpoint. Prancer's automated cloud pentesting solution uses native hacker tools to find exploits.

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