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Cloud Security Validation at Scale

Shift Security to the left by Prancer's end-to-end cloud security platform. Pentesting as Code (PAC) codifies and validates the company's cloud resources against the zero-day vulnerabilities and latest cyber security threats in real-time to build an attack-ready cloud. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Static Code Analysis (SCA) ensures the secure code hits the cloud and the Prancer's CSPM engine gathers information from cloud live resources to support these initiatives.

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Security Compliance

Why prancer?

The majority of the time, security validation is a manual operation. It lacks the repeatability and process hygiene associated with SDLC. In the CI/CD world, a manual security testing procedure creates significant operational inefficiencies. Validation as code strives to minimize these barriers. It helps speed up the course by automating many of the operations that are currently done manually to co-exist with SDLC processes. It guarantees repeatability, accuracy, and consistency by removing human error.

Pentesting as Code

PAC codifies and validates the company's cloud resources against the zero-day vulnerabilities and latest cyber security threats in real-time to build an attack-ready cloud.

IaC Scan

Prancer platform provides you with the required tools and best practices to shift the security to the left and keep your Infrastructure as Code secure. For all the non compliant items, we are providing auto remediation to fix the problems.

Secure Live Resources

Prancer platform offers comprehensive validation tests for your live cloud resources. Prancer supports major compliance frameworks and can fix the insecure resources in your cloud.

Prancer integrates with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Kubernetes clusters.

Validation across
multiple cloud providers

Reducing false positives

Prancer Shift-Left security solutions work hand in hand to reduce security false positives alerts in the cloud. Built on top of Prancer's CSPM and IaC static code analysis engine, PAC extensively reduces security analysts' time on false positives by co-relating actual vulnerability findings with cloud configuration settings in real-time. The Cyber Budgets are reduced significantly since PAC can detect potential risks more efficiently than humans ever would! This helps minimize duplication efforts across a wide range of native & third-party tools for cloud security products to make it easier than ever before to get accurate information about your organization's risk exposure via automation.

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Infrastructure as Code security

Prancer provides the most comprehensive IaC Static Code Analysis (SCA) for the cloud, both from the supported template formats and the available compliance database. For the Infrastructure as Code security, the Prancer security engine can connect to any git repository and validate Cloud-Native formats (Azure ARM, AWS CloudFormation, GCP Deployment Files), Terraform, Kubernetes Objects, Helm Charts, ACK, ASO, KCC, JSON formats, YAML and plain text files.

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