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Prancer Announces Expansion of Customer Reach with Azure Marketplace Integration
May 25, 2023
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San Diego, CA – May 24th 2023 – Prancer, a leading provider of cloud security solutions, is excited to announce the availability of its products on Azure Marketplace. This strategic move expands Prancer’s customer reach and provides existing clients with the convenience and accessibility of purchasing Prancer cloud security solutions through Azure Marketplace.

With the integration of Prancer’s cloud security into Azure Marketplace, customers can now easily explore, evaluate, onboard and purchase Prancer’s products alongside other popular Azure services. This streamlined purchasing experience simplifies the procurement process for customers and allows them to quickly integrate Prancer’s innovative solutions into their existing Azure environment.

“By making our cloud security available on Azure Marketplace, we are providing our customers with a seamless way to access and purchase our products,” said Farshid Mahdavipour, Founder and CEO of Prancer. “This expansion of our customer reach demonstrates our commitment to offering convenient and accessible cloud security solutions to businesses of all sizes.”

Prancer’s cloud security systems offer an advanced and comprehensive approach to securing cloud environments. By continuously monitoring and assessing security configurations and vulnerabilities, Prancer enables organizations to address potential threats and maintain a secure cloud applications and infrastructure proactively. With the inclusion of Prancer’s products in Azure Marketplace, customers can now easily take advantage of these robust security solutions to protect their Azure environments.

For more information about Prancer and its cloud security solutions, visit https://www.prancer.io. To explore and purchase Prancer’s products on Azure Marketplace, visit : https://portal.azure.com/#view/Microsoft_Azure

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Prancer is a leading provider of cloud security solutions designed to help businesses safeguard their cloud environments. Prancer empowers organizations to maintain a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure by offering continuous monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and remediation capabilities. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, Prancer is dedicated to providing advanced security solutions that meet the needs of today’s complex cloud environments. For more information, visit https://www.prancer.io.