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prancer web interface for the ease of use

Prancer platform provides an advanced web interface for enterprises. Only available in the Enterprise and Premium versions of the product, companies can use the web interface to fully customize and monitor their experience with Prancer. Prancer platform supports SSO and can connect to your current company’s identity provider for authentication.

Notifications to be on top of everything

Prancer platform provides notification functionality for your enterprise. Only available in the Enterprise and Premium versions of the product, you can set up the notification engine to publish notifications to different channels (Email, Teams, Slack) to have better visibility of your cloud security posture.

full API access and Enterprise CLI

Prancer platform provides full API access for enterprise customers. Only available in the Enterprise and Premium versions of the product, you can interact with the prancer platform with the REST API calls. You can integrate the prancer platform to your current CI/CD pipeline in your DevSecOps process. Also, Enterprise CLI is available to fully customize the platform from a command-line interface

What is prancer enterprise?

Prancer Enterprise edition is built on top of the open-source product. It adds various functionality required for companies to have better experience leveraging the power of Prancer platform. With the Enterprise Edition of the product, you can have the Prancer platform as a virtual appliance in your local network without any external connectivity.

What is prancer premium?

PPrancer Premium Edition is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from Prancer running on Prancer Cloud. You can easily set it up without any infrastructure and focus on your business requirements rather than managing the platform. Prancer Premium Edition comes with all the features available in the Enterprise Edition and is hosted on the Prancer cloud.

Professional services and Technical support

Prancer offers professional services and technical support with the Enterprise and Premium editions of the platform. When you buy the prancer enterprise or premium, you can sign up for these services to be added to your account.

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