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Zero day as a Service (ZDaaS)

Prancer Security Solutions: Elevate Your Security with Zero Day as a Service (ZDaaS)

Prancer Security Solutions proudly offers Zero Day as a Service (ZDaaS), an innovative approach to enhancing your organization’s security posture. Our dedicated research team continuously monitors the cybersecurity landscape for emerging zero-day vulnerabilities. Upon identifying a new threat, our experts rapidly develop and incorporate the corresponding attack vector into the Prancer Attack Database.


As a valued Prancer client, your organization can seamlessly integrate these newly identified attack scenarios into your security testing and validation processes. This enables you to promptly assess the resilience of your applications and infrastructure against the latest threats, ensuring comprehensive protection at all times.

A prime example of the efficacy of our Zero day as a Service (ZDaaS) offering is the rapid response to the Log4j vulnerability. Prancer’s research team promptly codified the attack, enabling our customers to efficiently load the attack scenario into their security validation processes. This allowed them to swiftly assess the potential impact on their applications, reinforcing their defenses against this widely recognized vulnerability. By choosing Prancer Security Solutions, your organization can benefit from our proactive approach to mitigating emerging threats, ultimately bolstering your security posture in an ever-evolving landscape.

Zero day as a Service (ZDaaS)