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API Security Validation at Scale

Prancer is a leading provider of API security solutions that automates the entire security process for businesses. With a comprehensive suite of tools, Prancer makes it easy to discover and secure all APIs within an organization. Our advanced platform provides a proactive approach to security by detecting potential vulnerabilities early on and providing attack emulation tools to test the effectiveness of API security systems. The correlated risk scoring system reduces false positives and provides accurate and actionable insights.

Prancer's comprehensive API Security solutions for OWASP vulnerabilities!

Protect your API applications with Prancer Security's autonomous security solution. Our cutting-edge solution mitigates critical security risks such as unauthorized access and data breaches, while aligning perfectly with the OWASP API Top 10. With our comprehensive whitepaper, you can learn more about how we can help prevent potential threats and safeguard your valuable data. Don't leave your API security to chance, choose Prancer Security!

Patent Awarded

Automated Penetration Testing for Cloud

Prancer Enterprise, a leading innovator in cloud security solutions, is thrilled to announce the grant of a pivotal patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its cutting-edge technology in automated penetration testing in cloud environments.

Auto Discovery And API Security

Prancer automatically leverages swagger files and cloud APIs to construct a Cloud API inventory of all APIs across the organization. This allows users to more easily identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities associated with both in-use and orphaned API endpoints.

Attack Emulation

Prancer automated penetration testing platform seamlessly emulates attack techniques such as API fuzzing, OWASP testing, and authenticated scans for all critical API security testing. Fuzzing identifies unexpected input parameters that could exploit API, while OWASP testing can help to identify common security vulnerabilities, and authenticated scans can help to identify vulnerabilities that specifically affect APIs, such as improper access controls or insecure communications.

Correlated risk scoring

Organizations can avoid false alarms and incorrect risk ranking that disturb security operations by understanding their apps' and the infrastructure's ins and outs. Users can leverage Prancer to reduce false positives caused by finding vulnerabilities in APIs. If, for example, an API endpoint is found to be accessible from the internet when it should not be, this might be due to a firewall configuration error rather than a vulnerability in the API itself.

CI/CD integration and Shift-left

Developers need to be able to include API security testing as part of their routine earlier in the software development life cycle. Doing this will increase visibility into potential risks and vulnerabilities. Prancer CLI makes it easy to integrate with your developer workstations or build pipelines so that you can handle API security before it becomes a problem.

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