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Automated penetration testing – a perfect fit for cloud applications at scale
March 25, 2022
Automated Pentesting

What is Automated Penetration testing?

Automated Penetration testing means using special tools to check web apps, networks, and computers for security issues. These tools can automatically do many jobs that a penetration tester would normally do by hand.

Automated Penetration Testing can make a big difference in the world of info security. It gives special software that runs tests on its own for website apps, computer systems, and networks without anyone’s help. APT makes the process easier and gives automation to what penetration testers usually do by hand. This speeds up finding weaknesses. Use APT to actively shield your online things.

Why is Automated Penetration testing important for cloud applications?

Automated deep testing is a great match for modern cloud apps for many reasons. One of the main benefits of automated hacking testing is that it can be made bigger to handle modern cloud apps. Cloud apps are usually more complicated than normal on-site ones. These complications come from the tech we are using to make them, and checking how secure cloud service is as part of their creation. So, there are more ways for bad people to attack cloud apps. Automated security testing can help us find and use these attack ways fast and well.

An automated test that finds security weaknesses can be run all at once on many computer systems. It also fits into the process of building and testing applications to make sure they are safe from start to finish. Testing by hand can’t be put into a company’s process of making software. When we transfer to a robot attack testing system, it lets us add in daily app makers’ routines and discover holes in computer programs quickly.

This makes it a great fit for cloud apps that are always being adjusted up and down to meet the changing needs.


Prancer automated hacking tests are very important for making sure cloud-based apps stay safe at a big level. By pretending to do many kinds of attacks and finding weaknesses more quickly and correctly, automated testing can help companies stay up-to-date with the quick creation and use of cloud technology. As cloud apps get more popular and complicated, the need for full Automated penetration testing will grow too. By using tools like Prancer’s solution, companies can make their security stronger. This helps to better guard important data and systems against possible dangers.