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Automated pentesting – a perfect fit for cloud applications at scale

March 25, 2022

What is Automated Penetration testing?

Automated Penetration testing is the process of using specialized tools to conduct penetration tests on web applications, networks, and computer systems. These tools can automate many tasks that would otherwise be performed manually by a pentester.

Why is Automated Penetration testing important for cloud applications?

Automated pentesting is an excellent fit for contemporary cloud applications for a variety of reasons. One of the primary advantages of automated pentesting is that it may be expanded to meet the demands of modern cloud apps. Cloud applications are often more complex than traditional on-premise applications. These complexities lie in the technology we are using to develop them, and the cloud providers’ PaaS services contributing to the whole design. Consequently, there are more potential attack vectors for cloud applications. Automated Penetration testing can help us to identify and exploit these attack vectors quickly and efficiently.

Automated pentesting may be run in parallel on a large number of systems, and it can be integrated into the CI/CD process to guarantee that security is built right into the application from the start. Manual pentesting cannot be integrated into the SDLC process of the enterprise. When we are moving to an automated pentesting platform, we have the ability to integrate the pentesting to day-to-day app developers’ flow and find out application-level vulnerabilities faster.

This makes it an ideal match for cloud apps that are constantly being scaled up and down to meet the changing demands.