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Benefits of automated penetration testing for cloud applications

February 13, 2022

Automated pentesting has various benefits over manual pentesting. The apparent benefit of automating the penetration testing process is that it saves time, reduces cost, and can be repeated continuously.

Automation helps ensure repeatability and consistency across multiple platforms and applications. This is important because it ensures that the same results are achieved each time a test is run. and also the same test cases are being run on different applications.

Automated pentesting also enables better testing coverage since it requires the tester to only write test cases instead of performing all steps manually. This increases speed and accuracy even further during security assessments.

Automated pentesting can also help organizations detect malicious activities and investigate incidents quickly. By identifying the root cause of an incident, investigators can deliver the test results to the app team to fix those vulnerabilities in the code.

Last but not least, automated pentesting can help organizations verify that their security controls are effective. Security teams can use the results of automated pentesting to improve and adjust their organization’s security posture. In this way, automation becomes a valuable tool in an overall risk management strategy.

In conclusion, automated penetration testing offers many benefits over manual pentesting efforts.