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Benefits of automated penetration testing for cloud applications
February 13, 2022
penetration testing for cloud applications

Testing cloud applications by using automation instead of humans has lots of good points. The clear advantage of making the security checking process automated is that it saves time, lowers cost, and can be done over and over again.

Automation helps make things the same and good across many systems and uses. This is important because it makes sure that the same outcomes happen every time we run a test. Also, the same test cases are being run on different apps.

Automated penetration testing also helps with better coverage because the tester only needs to write test cases instead of doing all steps by hand. This makes things even faster and more accurate when checking for safety.

Automated tests for breaking into systems can also help companies find bad actions and look into events quickly. By finding the main reason for a problem, explorers can give results of testing to app makers. They use these findings to fix weak spots in their code.

Most importantly, automated security testing can help companies make sure their safety measures are working. Security groups can use the results of automated testing to make their company’s security better and change it as needed. In this way, automation becomes a helpful tool for managing risks overall.

In the end, using a computer to test for weaknesses has many advantages over hand-checking methods.


Prancer Automated penetration tests have lots of advantages for cloud programs. These include better accuracy, being able to grow easily, and saving money. Using tools like Prancer’s solution, businesses can pretend many types of attacks and find weaknesses faster and more right. This method lets groups focus better on dealing with safety problems more quickly and successfully. As cloud technology keeps getting better and used more often, the need for regular penetration tests will grow. Automated testing is a key tool for companies to make sure their important data and systems in the cloud are safe.