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Build Secure and Compliant AWS Infrastructure with the Prancer Cloud
May 8, 2020
Build Secure and Compliant AWS Infrastructure with the Prancer Cloud

San Diego, CA – May 8th 2020 – Prancer, a company that provides clients with a framework to validate resources that they deploy to the cloud, is excited to announce a long list of new SaaS features that will allow companies to expand their AWS cloud computing capabilities securely. Companies who rely on AWS to help run their businesses, can now use AWS and prancer cloud features to safely deploy and monitor resources to the AWS.

As part of prancer’s commitment to helping businesses safely take full advantage of cloud technology, they have added new features in prancer cloud offering that will allow AWS users to enjoy the benefits of their pre and post deployment validation framework. Customers can quickly and easily run tests and security scans before their resources and applications are deployed to the cloud. Not only does this ensure a successful launch, it also helps to protect data against security vulnerabilities.

To help users better grasp the benefits of prancer’s new features that support Infrastructure as Code (IaC), prancer provides a free tier for proof-of-concept. Clients can explore prancer products and features and experience firsthand how they will impact business without having to make a purchase. All of prancer’s new AWS SaaS features will integrate with existing DevOps and IT team projects without causing delays. It is possible to use the available compliance tests, or write custom compliance tests and queries using the Open Policy Agent (OPA) and leveraging the existing knowledge in writing the compliance policies. This means less time worrying about keeping the compliance in the cloud.

Prancer Cloud AWS SaaS features are also designed to provide maximum safety and security. Prancer provides Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security scan to validate the AWS Cloud Formation templates before any resource is deployed to the AWS. This is the best way to protect resources in the cloud and prevent security breaches and keep compliance in place.

These new SaaS features for AWS Infrastructure are just the latest in a long line of improvements that prancer continues to roll out in an effort to continue to meet the changing needs of customers. By staying ahead of technology trends, they are able to support their customers as they work on scaling their businesses.

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Prancer Enterprise was created with the goal of providing any size business with a cloud validation framework that enables cloud governance and multi-cloud validation compliance. By understanding the needs of today’s clients, creating innovative solutions and collaborating through open source networks, we are working to make cloud technology more secure and versatile.
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