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Build secure and compliant Google Cloud Infrastructure with the enhanced SaaS solution from Prancer Cloud
July 8, 2020
Build secure and compliant Google Cloud Infrastructure with the enhanced SaaS solution from Prancer Cloud

San Diego, CA – July 8th 2020 – Prancer, a company that provides clients with a framework to validate resources that they deploy on the cloud, is excited to announce a long list of new features that are designed to make Google Cloud even more secure in managing infrastructure as code, cloud governance and pre and post deployment validation. These new features, which are available in the prancer cloud solution (Software as a Service SaaS offering), further expand prancer’s capabilities and make the Google cloud platform compliant so that enterprise level businesses can continue to scale and remain flexible in the face of evolving markets and demands.

Google Cloud is one of several major cloud computing platforms that businesses are using to create a more reliable infrastructure, handle data management, support productivity and collaboration, enjoy smart analytics and much more. No matter the industry, cloud computing is becoming increasingly important. Prancer is working to make Google Cloud even more accessible by offering SaaS solutions that help with security, compliance and much more.

With prancer and Google Cloud, businesses will have access to a user-friendly web interface that will allow them to manage compliance testing from a single dashboard. Ensure maximum security by running scans before deployment and quickly receive reports with test results. All sensitive data can be safely stored and deployed as needed and with over 1,000 validation test cases, businesses can conduct a wide range of compliance tests against the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and monitored resources in the Google cloud.

Prancer validation framework can security scan your Google GCP deployment templates and make sure all the resources defined in those templates are compliant with your company policies. Prancer Validation Framework can be integrated to your current DevOps process, for your Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) pipeline and make sure the quality code reaches the cloud.
Prancer is so confident that their new SaaS features for Google Cloud will help meet growing needs that they offer a free tier and a proof-of-concept option. Users can test their different features and experience how they can help the business and support DevOps and IT teams without compromising data or making changes to the system.

Work with prancer to take full advantage of the power of cloud computing and use their new SaaS features to enhance the Google Cloud experience. Visit their website to learn more or to start a free trial and see firsthand how prancer can help any business.

About Prancer

Prancer Enterprise (https://www.prancer.io) was created with the goal of providing any size business with a cloud validation framework that enables cloud governance and multi-cloud validation compliance. By understanding the needs of today’s clients, creating innovative solutions and collaborating through open source networks, we are working to make cloud technology more secure and versatile.
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