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Elevating MSSPs: Prancer’s SaaS Platform Revolutionizes Security Assessments and PenTesting
November 28, 2023

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) have a very important job in our online security world. They help many kinds of businesses stay safe from cyber threats by offering key protection services. But as they get more customers, it also becomes harder to manage them all and do big safety checks or automated penetration testing That’s where the Prancer SaaS platform helps, giving MSSPs the tools they need to grow their business well, safely, and without breaking rules.

Robust Tenancy Management: A Game-Changer for MSSPs

Prancer’s system is made for MSSPs first. It can handle many customers at once and makes it easy to manage them all through strong tenancy controls. This thing makes sure that big service providers can give special services to each customer without any problems. This helps them save time and do things better.

With role-based access control, MSSPs can give special permissions and input rights to different users. This makes sure the right people get access to necessary information. This detail not only makes security better but also guarantees that every customer’s information is treated with great care and accuracy.

Unmatched Efficiency with an All-in-One View Solution

Prancer’s single-glass solution is a big change for MSSPs. It brings all customer accounts, safety checks, and penetration test results together in one place. This makes it much easier to manage these things. This big-picture view allows MSSPs to quickly spot and solve safety weaknesses across all customer accounts, making sure they stay active in fighting cyber-crime.

Working Together and Sharing Knowledge with “Code for Pentest”

Prancer’s “pentest as code” feature makes it easier for big security companies to work together. This helps them share their attack methods, tools, and ways threats come with safety and speed. This sharing of knowledge makes sure all team members understand each other. They use group experience to improve security tests and break-in attempts.

Guaranteeing Safety and Following Rules with Controls for Different Users

Safety and following rules are very important on Prancer’s system. They use controls to separate each user’s data so it stays safe. Each customer gets special keys used only for them, separate computers and databases. These all go together with a system called IAM that makes sure rules are followed properly without any problems.

Prancer’s SaaS platform is redefining how MSSPs function within the cybersecurity space. Designed for MSSPs, this platform simplifies managing an expanding client base with strong tenancy controls and role-based access to deliver personalized services that are secure. Its holistic perspective merges customer data, security audits, and penetration test results to facilitate fast vulnerability response. But the ground-breaking “pentest as code” feature makes Prancer a treasure of MSSPs and supports collaborative safety raising among other MSSPs, therefore strict conformity to security protocols and compliance guarantees any client’s data is secured while working with this platform.

In the modern digital age, characterized by development and expansion of cyber threats which never cease to morph for a safer business environment; Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are on their accord charged with safeguarding various businesses from these growing hazards. Executing precise penetration testing on an increasing clientele base is a very significant challenge that faces the MSSPs. Here comes the best-in-class Prancer SaaS platform which provides the MSSPs with necessary tools to develop their business in a protected framework built on industry standards.

Tenancy Management By Prancer – The Revolutionary Approach to MSSP Operations

Prancer’s system is specifically designed with the MSSPs in mind, allowing support for several clients at a time and channeling management through strong tenancy controls. This function helps large service providers to provide highly customized services to each client without any loss of quality, safety and also improving operational efficiency while managing time.

Role-Based Access Control: Ensuring Precision and Security

Role-based access control is one of the strategic features that are embedded in Prancer’s platform. This feature provides MSSPs the opportunity to define particular permissions and access rights, making sure that the sensitive information is accessible only by authorized individuals. This strategy not only strengthens the security but also ensures accurate and careful handling of the customer data.

An All-in-One View Solution: Prancer’s Innovative Approach

The single-glass view solution Prancer gives shows that MSSPs are taking a huge step. It combines all the customer accounts, security audits and penetration test outcomes at the same place. This holistic perspective enables the MSSPs to quickly detect and resolve security vulnerabilities spanning their entire client base, allowing for proactive cyber threat management.

Promoting Collaborative Security Through “Code for Pentest”

Prancer’s “pentest as code” functionality is a revolutionary implementation of the concept. This capability allows for the seamless and secure sharing of attack techniques, tools, and intelligence threats which improves collective knowledge along with mitigation strategies relating to security testing and breach prevention.

Maintaining safety and compliance by using the user specific controls

However, security and compliance with the regulatory standards are very essential for Prancer’s ecosystem. The platform has strict controls that segregate every user’s personal data, thereby ensuring the increased security. To ensure perfect compliance and security, individual encryption keys are assigned to each client along with their dedicated computing resources and also databases that can be integrated with an IAM system.

Prancer: A Deep Dive into the SaaS Platform for the MSSPs.

The SaaS platform from Prancer is a very revolutionary innovation for the MSSPs market, delivering easy client management with solid tenancy controls and also role-based access. It combines the customer data, security audits and penetration test results allowing MSSPs to quickly act on the vulnerabilities. With the “pentest as code” feature, Prancer is promoted to be an MSSP collaborative security enhancing platform. Moreover, its high level of security protocols and also compliance assures the client data protection.

Automated Penetration Testing: The Heart of Prancer’s Platform

Prancer’s offerings include automated penetration testing. This invaluable characteristic allows for preventive detection and elimination of weaknesses. It enables MSSPs to employ simulated cyberattacks, which allows them in finding hidden vulnerabilities before malicious actors can take the advantage of them.

Implementing Prancer in MSSP Operations: A Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Scanner Setup: MSSPs begin by configuring the scanners in Prancer’s portal, selecting a hosting facility, and providing the name of the scan tower; identifying types of scans as well as scheduling them.

Target Setting and Authentication: Define scan targets and the authentication requirements, generate a PAC file to govern the penetration testing.

Integration with Sentinel: Then once the scan is started, connect to Sentinel for a better tracking and managing results of the scans.

Monitoring and Analysis: After scanning, MSSPs should continue to monitor and analyze the results of the vulnerabilities reported in both Prancer Portal and Sentinel.

In-Depth Analysis in Sentinel: Perform a comprehensive analysis of the identified vulnerabilities in terms of their level and.

The Pivotal Role of Prancer in the MSSP Operations

Automated penetration testing by Prancer is an very essential feature for MSSPs as it helps in locating the potential risks and also reinforcing barriers against the cyber threats. This platform makes sure that MSSPs can very conveniently manage digital threats, specifically concentrating on weaknesses such as Log4j. In this way, by deploying these tools as a part of an overarching cybersecurity plan where MSSPs can protect their digital properties from the evolving threat ecosystem.

The Transformational Impact of Prancer on MSSPs :

Prancer’s SaaS platform, which includes automated penetration testing and a wide variety of management tools is much more than just an add-on to the MSSP toolkit; it is in fact revolutionizing the cybersecurity as we know. It helps the MSSPs stay on the cutting edge of cybersecurity to safeguard digital assets from adaptive and agile threats. In this respect, the specialized controls built into the platform as well as its collaborative features and compliance adherence ensure that MSSPs can provide top-notch security services without an effective asset. Educating MSSPs through the maze of cybersecurity, Prancer emerges as a guiding light that guides them to an efficient secure, and compliant management of digital assets.


In a world where internet risks are getting tough, MSSPs need something that can match their skills. Prancer’s SaaS service provides what is needed. It gives good control of tenants, an easy answer in one place, team work options and strict safety rules for needing to follow the law correctly.

By using Prancer, MSSPs can enhance their security checks and hacking tests. This aids them in protecting their customers from harmful individuals who always think of new ways to attack. With Prancer, the future of safe and fast operations for MSSP has come.