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How to use Prancer VSCode Extension for IaC templates
January 24, 2022

Overview of Prancer VSCode Extension for IaC

Prancer VSCode Extension helps developers write more secure infrastructure code for the cloud.

Prancer applies best practices and security configurations to the infrastructure code right from the development environment. VSCode Extension for IaC Static Code Analysis is the first layer of defense in Shift Left strategy!

Security Scanner helps to identify potential security issues with your code. It includes a set of linters and scanners, which are able to find vulnerabilities in your IaC Configuration Files, discover insecure configurations, for example for AWS EC2, ECS, S3, and other resources. Then it verifies that all misconfigurations have been fixed and remediated by running the remediation function on the code.

You can download the extension from here: VSCode Extension Marketplace

To understand more, watch this video:

VSCode Extension