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Infrastructure as Code Tools: Empowering Your DevOps Journey (Top 7 Solutions You Need to Know)
December 13, 2023
infrastructure as code tools

DevOps is the new era of digital transformation, and ‘Infrastructure as Code Tools’ (IaC) have become vital tools. The application of these tools are changing the way IT infrastructure is managed and provisioned, allowing us to achieve a level of efficiency and uniformity never reached before. In this regard, Automated Penetration Testing plays a critical role ensuring that as infrastructures advance also the security side of it advances. In this blog post brought by Prancer, we’ll discuss the leading Infrastructure as code tools you need for any DevOps journey and how they can simplify your operations and enhance cybersecurity.

7 Most Important Infrastructure as Code Tools You Need to Know.

  • Terraform: Terraform is a standout in IaC, including the ability to handle cloud and on-premises resources. Flexibility and large provider support network.
  • Ansible: Ansible is widely known for simplicity, power and succinctness making it ideal for software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment needs.
  • Chef: Chef is an imperative automation platform; it takes infrastructure and turns it into code, allowing organizations to automate the way they build, deploy, and manage their infrastructure.
  • Puppet: Puppet is the infrastructure management for managing complex infrastructures through automation, fast deployment and efficient scalability.
  • AWS CloudFormation: The primary targeted group of AWS users, which need a fast and predictable manner in creating related AWS resources (contain deployment phase) provided by CloudFormation.
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM): For those in the Microsoft Azure ARM, do not have an alternative. It enables you to deploy, manage and monitor all the resources for your solution through Centralized Resource Provider.
  • SaltStack: A SaltStack is a strong automation and configuration tool able to control diverse data centers and cloud environments at scale, which is famous for its high-speed.

In the Automated Penetration Testing context, these tools help build secure infrastructures. For this reason, Prancer incorporated IaC tools into its framework to enable defining of security in the infrastructure base with automated security checks and continuous compliance.


Praner Empowers DevOps with IaC.

Prancer is the pioneer in integrating Infrastructure as Code tools into the DevOps workflow. Prancer automates, standardizes, and secures infrastructure deployments by using these tools. Prancer woods with Automated Penetration Testing and use of IaC tools ensure that infrastructures are efficient, scalable as well secure from cyber threats.


For modern DevOps environment, Infrastructure as Code tools are more than just a fashion. They are invaluable in terms of automated and streamlined infrastructure deployment. This adoption of Prancer and integration into their tools is proof that they are determined to offer the best solutions for increasingly sophisticated IT infrastructure management requirements. With each passing day in the era of digital transformation, Prancer’s role in harnessing such tools for the secure and efficient management of infrastructure grows more pronounced.