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Prancer achieves SOC2 Type II Compliance and Certification
March 1, 2023
Prancer SOC 2 Type II compliance

Prancer Enterprise, a visionary cybersecurity solution provider focused on offensive and defensive security tools with the shift left mindset, is pleased to announce that it has successfully achieved SOC2 Type II compliance, an essential milestone in its commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy platform for its customers. As a leading cloud security solution provider, Prancer understands the criticality of securing its customers’ sensitive data and upholding the highest security standards.

Prancer SOC2 Type 2 compliance is a testament to the company’s dedication to meeting and exceeding these standards and continuously improving its security posture. This compliance gives Prancer’s customers confidence that they have implemented robust security controls to protect their sensitive data, and their processes and procedures are designed to ensure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data.

With SOC2 compliance, Prancer’s customers can trust that their data is securely stored and processed on the platform. “We take pride in providing a secure environment for our customers to operate in, and are committed to maintaining our compliance and improving our security posture.” said Farshid Mahdavipour, CEO of Prancer.

Prancer Security Solutions provides a comprehensive set of features for application and infrastructure security testing. These tools are focused on providing a platform for Redteam, Blueteam, developers and infrastructure experts to work together and increase the environment’s security posture. With its Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) functionality, Prancer can automatically load tests based on the hosting environment and support modern authentication methods, such as OAuth, JWT, and cookie-based authentication. Additionally, the platform integrates flawlessly with developers’ software development lifecycle (SDLC) and shows consolidated results from DAST tools, along with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Software Composition Analysis (SCA), reducing false positives. Prancer also provides shift-left security features for developers, enabling them to do offensive security testing from their development machines with near-zero touch configuration. They can integrate Prancer CLI to their DevSecOps process to get the same results as the Red Team using the same tools and methods, increasing the security of applications before deploying them to the target environment.

Prancer Security Solutions also provides infrastructure security features that are uniquely correlated with application security findings. The platform can do Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security for cloud infrastructure, with an easy and convenient way for users to connect to remote repositories to do IaC scans. The auto-discovery CSPM engine integrated into the Prancer platform can do the security scan of cloud resources, including serverless and IaaS services and automatically find cloud resources and make them targets. Prancer provides a compelling dashboard to show the enterprise’s security posture in a graphical way, which is fully customizable and supports both Infrastructure Security and Application Security. By correlating all the findings from the application and infrastructure together, both on the runtime and code level, Prancer gives a holistic view to security professionals. It can replace multiple security tools in an enterprise, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their security operations.

The SOC2 Type II achievement is a reminder of the company’s unwavering commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for its customers, and Prancer will continue to work diligently towards ensuring ongoing security. By meeting the highest security standards, Prancer provides its customers with peace of mind and confidence that their data is secure and properly managed.

About Prancer

Prancer is the industry’s first cloud-native, self-service SAAS platform for automated security validation and penetration testing in the cloud. Prancer provides a comprehensive suite of infrastructure and Application Security solutions to enable shift-left approaches to implement preventative controls and offensive security testing mechanisms. Prancer Security Solutions allows customers to rapidly validate their cloud applications against ever-growing sophisticated purpose-built cyber threats at scale, resulting in faster release cycles, greater false-positive reduction, and cost savings for both security and engineering teams. For more information, visit the website at: https://www.prancer.io