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Prancer Boosts Security Capabilities with Integration of Top-tier Red Team Tools
January 10, 2023
Security Solutions

Jan 10th 23 – San Diego, CA – Prancer Enterprise, a visionary cloud security solution startup focused on offensive security tools, announces the integration of more native hacker tools into its platform. With these new integrations, enterprise customers can benefit from validating their cloud security and understanding the risks from the view of attacker adversary techniques. Prancer Security Solution is the only provider which integrates all of these hacker tools under its platform and provides a seamless experience for customers to use them.

The integrations include popular open-source and commercial products such as Hydra, Metasploit, NMAP, Nikto, Kali Linux, and more. The tools are specifically designed to help customers validate the real risk of their cloud environment from threats like lateral movement, privilege elevation, remote access exploitation, and data exfiltration. The tools are pre-integrated into the platform and provide results with other security solutions to help customers identify potential attacks and vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them. Prancer also provides an advanced threat modeling engine that allows customers to identify threats quickly and efficiently using the latest techniques and tactics. The platform offers comprehensive analytics and customized reports to provide insights into the security posture of cloud applications.

There are several potential benefits to using native hacker tools to understand the security problems in cloud applications rather than relying on traditional Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools. Prancer Penetration Testing as Code (PAC) engine automatically loads these tools to the platform and consolidates the findings to show the end clients holistic results. Integrating these tools will also allow customers to investigate potential threats from the point of view of an attacker. With these integrations, Prancer Enterprise can help simplify cloud security for its customers and provide them with more comprehensive insights into their environment.

“We are excited to offer this new solution to our enterprise customers. It gives them the confidence that the security posture of their cloud applications is fully verified with the same toolsets a hacker is using out in the wild to attack enterprise resources,” said Farshid Mahdavipour, the CEO of Prancer. “We are confident that this integration will help us to provide our customers with the best security posture measurements and peace of mind.”

With the new integrations, Prancer Enterprise can offer a more holistic approach to cloud security. Customers can have confidence in their ability to detect threats and vulnerabilities from both an offensive and defensive standpoint while benefiting from the ease of use with the fully automated and managed experience. For the clients to experience this new integration first-hand, Prancer encourages companies to sign up for a free trial. The trial will give companies access to the platform and its tools, so they can understand how it works and if they can benefit from the integrations.

Prancer Enterprise is committed to providing cloud security solutions that are reliable, secure, and easy to use for its customers.

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Prancer is the industry’s first cloud-native, self-service SAAS platform for automated security validation and penetration testing in the cloud. Prancer provides a comprehensive suite of Infrastructure Security and Application Security solutions to enable shift-left approaches to implement preventative controls and offensive security testing mechanisms. Prancer Security Solutions allows customers to rapidly validate their cloud applications against ever-growing sophisticated purpose-built cyber threats at scale, resulting in faster release cycles, greater false-positive reduction, and cost savings for both security and engineering teams. For more information visit the website at: https://www.prancer.io