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Prancer Enterprise announces the release of the 2.0 version of the cloud security platform
September 30, 2021
Prancer 2.0

San Diego, CA – Sept 30th 2021 – Prancer Enterprise, a company specialized in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security and Shift Left strategies, announces the new version of its core framework. Prancer 2.0 supports advanced Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates and can support native Infrastructure as Code (IaC) formats and third-party providers. The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security engine is revamped with lots of new features and functionalities. Prancer 2.0 is more agile than the previous version. The Prancer engineering team spent lots of time enhancing the main engine and achieving a new level of performance by utilizing in-house code libraries.
Prancer 2.0 is released with the following enhancements.

· Performance Improvements: 5x better performance for developers to run the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) test cases. Low performant third-party libraries are replaced with in-house code blocks written in GO Lang. Prancer could achieve a record high performance in running Static Code Analysis (SCA) on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to enable developer productivity seamlessly.

· Support for Smart policies: Client companies using automated security scanning tools see many false positives in their result sets. They need to assign a dedicated security team to resolve the problems and remove false positives. Prancer 2.0 supports context-aware policies to reduce the number of false positives. These intelligent policies apply the compliance rules based on the context of the resource and the cloud environment.

· Enhanced terraform processor: Terraform processor revamped completely to support new features of the HCL and provide faster processing time.

· Enhanced secret scanner: Prancer 2.0 supports secret scanning in the code based on patterns, keywords, and entropy. it can find the hard coded secrets in native Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates and third-party solutions

· more versatile CLI experience: Prancer 2.0 supports many new CLI commands, making it easier for DevOps engineers to work with the core engine via the command line.

· New API endpoints: lots of new API endpoints available to work with external providers. These API endpoints can be used in any integration scenario with third-party solutions.

· New test cases and remediation functions: many new compliance test and remediation functions available for the cloud-native formats and third-party Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Prancer Enterprise platform helps companies achieve end-to-end security in the cloud by shifting security to the left and applying it early in the development process. Cloud DevOps engineers could have early feedback on the security of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates with every commit they are making to the code, which significantly enhances the security posture of the cloud environment.
Prancer Enterprise Cloud Compliance repository has more than 1000 policies on the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security and post-deployment resources. This unique Cloud compliance policy repository is the most significant contribution to the open-source community based on the de facto Rego policy language.

About Prancer
Prancer Enterprise provides a pre-deployment and post-deployment multi-cloud security platform for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and live cloud environments. It shifts the security to the left and provides end-to-end security scanning based on the Policy as Code concept. DevOps engineers can use it for static code analysis on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to find security drifts and maintain their cloud security posture with continuous compliance features.