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Prancer: Revolutionizing API Security Testing for Compliant and Secure APIs
February 1, 2024
API Security Testing for Compliant and Secure APIs

The Evolution of API Security Testing

In the rapidly changing world of software development, securing and ensuring compliance of APIs is paramount. Traditional API security testing methods, such as manual testing and basic automated tools, are often inadequate. These methods typically fall short due to several limitations:

  • Inadequate Coverage: Traditional methods struggle to keep an updated inventory of all active APIs and parameters, often missing orphaned or outdated versions.

  • Shadow APIs: The rise of shadow APIs, especially in non-production environments, poses a significant risk as they may expose sensitive data.

  • Lack of Depth: Conventional testing often lacks the depth to uncover complex vulnerabilities, leading to a false sense of security.

Prancer’s PaaS solution addresses these shortcomings by offering a comprehensive and automated approach to API security testing.

Prancer’s Innovative Approach to API Security

Prancer’s platform seamlessly integrates into the development lifecycle, revolutionizing API security testing at scale.

Seamless Auto-Discovery of API Endpoints

Prancer’s agentless auto-discovery feature identifies API endpoints from cloud environments, open API specifications, tools like Postman, and directly from the codebase, ensuring comprehensive coverage and minimizing the risk of untested endpoints.

Comprehensive Testing Methods

Blackbox Testing

Prancer conducts extensive blackbox testing and fuzzing to simulate external attacks and identify vulnerabilities from an outsider’s perspective.

White Box Testing with 100% Coverage

In white box testing, Prancer provides 100% coverage across all API endpoints. This approach is crucial in mitigating the OWASP Top 10 API security vulnerabilities, including:

  • Missing Authorization Headers: Detecting instances where APIs lack proper authorization checks.

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment: Prancer’s testing goes beyond surface-level checks, delving into complex vulnerabilities that might be missed by traditional methods.

This thorough approach ensures that even the most subtle vulnerabilities are identified and addressed.

Consolidation of Security Findings

Prancer’s platform offers a unique consolidation of API security testing results with application security findings and code and infrastructure vulnerability findings. This comprehensive view provides a more accurate and strategic understanding of potential security threats.

Benefits Across the Board

  • Security Testing Teams: Benefit from a more strategic and effective approach to security testing, focusing on critical areas rather than routine tasks.

  • Development Teams: Receive continuous feedback, enabling early detection and fixing of security issues.

  • Release Managers: Maintain control over testing schedules, aligning with project milestones to ensure the release of secure software.


Prancer’s PaaS is a game-changer in the field of API security testing. Its automated, comprehensive, and integrated approach not only streamlines the security testing process but also ensures that APIs remain compliant and secure against evolving cyber threats. By addressing the limitations of traditional methods and providing an all-encompassing solution, Prancer empowers organizations to confidently accelerate development while maintaining a robust security posture.