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Prancer taps cyber security veteran Kumar Chandramoulie as the Chief Product Officer
May 4, 2022
cyber security veteran Kumar Chandramoulie

San Diego, CA, USA, May 04, 2022 – Prancer Inc, a visionary cloud cyber security SAAS provider, is excited to announce Kumar Chandramoulie as the company’s Chief Product officer. Kumar has held numerous executive leadership positions for the past 15 years, including Vice President of Cybersecurity at AmerisourceBergen, a Fortune #8 firm, Cybersecurity practice leader at Ernst & Young for North America, and Strategic advisory roles with several Fortune 100 companies assisting C-Suites in achieving a consistent security posture for their organization.

“The idea of continuous cyber preparedness with test your own defense with offensive security strategy is critical to combat modern cloud breaches. Understanding threat intelligence rather than the idea of building silos will prove to be very effective in countering the cyber-attacks which are advanced and persistent. I’m ecstatic about directing Prancer to its mission of enabling enterprises to build attack-ready clouds through shift-left capabilities and establishing Prancer as the most effective cloud security provider.” Said Kumar

“Kumar is among the very few cybersecurity executives with extensive experience in operating large-scale offensive security efforts such as cyber command centers, forensics laboratories, red teaming, and pentesting exercises for fortune 10 customers, as well as business acumen in growing several early-stage startups businesses in cybersecurity, crypto, and FinTech spanning across US, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Africa, and Canada. With Kumar, I look forward to driving cloud cybersecurity innovations to accelerate the growth and helping to realize Prancer’s mission even faster” stated Farshid Mahdavipour, CEO of Prancer.

Prancer is a cloud security validation platform that allows for rapid cloud security validation at scale using shift-left methodologies, with the shortest path to creating secure and attack-ready clouds for current as well as new applications. It also reduces the time it takes for manual security testing by weeks or months. The Prancer product lines include comprehensive cloud security ‘policies as code’ as well as sophisticated penetration testing capabilities. It guarantees a risks-oriented approach not just for detecting zero-day vulnerabilities and other cloud infrastructure flaws, but also for assessing the security posture from every angle on a regular basis. Kumar will have a critical role in leading Prancer’s product strategy and encouraging its customers to achieve their digital transformation goals securely with this development.

About Prancer

Prancer is the industry’s first cloud-native, self-service SAAS platform for automated security validation and penetration testing in the cloud. Prancer provides a comprehensive suite of Infrastructure As Code (IAC) security and penetration testing as code (PAC) solutions to enable shift-left approaches to implement both preventative controls as well as offensive security testing mechanisms, allowing you to rapidly validate your cloud applications against ever-growing sophisticated purpose-built cyber threats at scale, resulting in faster release cycles, greater false-positive reduction, and cost savings for both security and engineering teams. For more information visit https://www.prancer.io