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Prancer vs. Cloud security tools: How does it compare?
March 3, 2022
Prancer Cloud Security

Prancer Cloud security Advantages and differences

Prancer is a whole cloud safety system, unlike many built-in tools from big companies like AWS Security Hub and Trusted Advisor. It also contrasts with things like Azure Safety Center (ASC) or Google’s Security Command Center (SCC). The following are some of Prancer’s significant advantages over CSPs security offerings.

Prancer represents one of the most advanced integrated cloud security solutions compared to embedded apps such as AWS Security Hub or Azure Security Center. One of Prancer’s most remarkable features includes APT or automated penetration testing which makes penetration testing proactive and, hence more effective in preventing possible breaches that can arise on one’s security defenses. Upgrade your cloud security strategy with Prancer – A solution that surpasses traditional options for a strong and forward-looking frontier against new threats.

Shift-Left Toolsets

Prancer provides toolsets to enable vulnerability scanning of any IAC, such as Cloud Formation, Terraform, or ARM templates, in IDEs and deployment pipelines. These tools are not included in the default CSP provider toolkits. Prancer believes the security should be moved to the left as a preventative control at the design stage rather than deployment or run time.

Automated penetration testing

Cloud applications’ penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are still considered manual, even though CSPMs and IACs do preliminary security checks. In this sector, CSPs do not provide any services. Traditional methods demand a significant amount of work from security experts and Automated penetration testers, who must manually repeat procedures that lack the reproducibility and process hygiene of software development processes. In today’s CI/CD world, the existence of a manual security testing procedure creates significant operational risks. PAC strives to minimize these barriers. Prancer has developed an automated penetration test that uses its patented technology to model actual attack behaviors. This new technology offers earlier detection than manual penetration tests for more accurate results in less time. It provides risk-based insights into vulnerabilities and threats so companies can take action before it’s too late.

Single pane of glass for MSPs

Prancer provides a comprehensive insight into all of your cloud accounts in a single, unified interface with minimal configuration to segment and examines various clients or projects across several CSPs. To surface the reporting of all cloud accounts in a single account with native cloud toolings, you’ll need to go through extra bootstrapping procedures however, with Prancer, you can link all of your cloud accounts with a simple config file.

Managed Policies

Prancer cloud security experts create new security policies and platform updates that are automatically deployed to your infrastructure without requiring any configuration. When a CSP adds new services, controls, and features, the Prancer Policy engine is automatically updated with new configuration policies. You don’t need to manually activate new policies across multiple cloud deployments as you do with CSP toolsets.

Audit and compliance reporting

Without additional setup, Prancer products and services provide extensive monitoring with common compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, CIS performance metrics, and others. Cyber risk analyses are generated by several metrics, each of which is connected to a different risk indicator. These reports may be readily exported to PDF or CSV format and include executive summaries at a high level as well as extensive information on each observed finding.

API first approach

All Prancer features are accessible through the REST API for custom integrations. This allows you to connect with CI/CD systems, deployment tools, bespoke dashboards, and other business applications. With this, you may use tools you’re already comfortable with, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and so on to check your cloud security posture or respond to potential problems.

Auto Remediation

Prancer includes advanced remediation tools that allow you to set issues in your cloud accounts to be resolved right away. With the Prancer Policy engine, you can create and deploy custom auto-remediation rules to address security vulnerabilities.


After evaluating the comparison between Prancer and other cloud security tools, it is clear that Prancer offers a unique and comprehensive approach to cloud security validation. By utilizing infrastructure as code (IAC) and continuous compliance, Prancer effectively bridges the gap between development and operations. This ensures a more secure and efficient cloud environment for businesses to thrive in.