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Preparing for 2024: The Rise of Continuous Cybersecurity Testing and Automated Simulations

September 8, 2023

As we approach 2024, the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve at an alarming pace. In this era of constant digital peril, maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture is non-negotiable. To safeguard your company against these ever-advancing threats, it’s crucial to integrate cutting-edge technologies into your cybersecurity business plan and budget.

Embrace Continuous Cybersecurity Operations

Prancer PenSuite AI Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) and Automated Pentesting technologies stand as formidable pillars in your cybersecurity arsenal. These tools provide multifaceted contributions to various aspects of your cybersecurity business plan:

1. Risk Assessment and Management: Prancer PenSuite AI BAS and Automated Pentesting tools continuously evaluate emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Prancer’s full suite of AI and Automation technologies offer invaluable insights into risk assessment, empowering you to adapt cybersecurity measures in real-time. Prancer’s dedicated research teams provide the most up-to-date attack knowledge from a hacker’s point of view.

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2. Incident Response and Recovery: Prancer BAS simulates breaches, offering data to fine-tune your incident response plans and allocate resources effectively for recovery efforts.

3. Plan for the Right Technology investments: Prancer BAS and Automated Pentesting tools identify vulnerabilities within your systems, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption solutions. By continuously simulating real-world cyberattacks, these tools pinpoint weaknesses, enabling you to make informed technology investments.

4. Evaluate Infrastructure Upgrades: Identifying vulnerabilities through Prancer helps prioritize infrastructure upgrades, ensuring a robust security posture.  Prancer is the only BAS tool that features 5 cybersecurity vulnerability scanning systems in their Discovery Stage–CSPM, IaC, DAST, SAST and CSA.

5. Cover Compliance and Regulation Requirements: Prancer simplifies compliance by proactively testing systems for vulnerabilities, contributing to regulatory adherence and data protection.

6. Bolster Security Awareness and Education: Prancer’s educational aspect simulates realistic attack scenarios, reducing human errors, and enhancing cybersecurity awareness among your employees.

7. Reduce Insurance Expenditures: Demonstrating proactive cybersecurity measures with Prancer may lead to favorable cybersecurity insurance terms, potentially mitigating the financial impact of a breach.

8. Augment Your Cybersecurity Training: Implementing the Prancer technologies continuously educates your cybersecurity team on the latest hacker attack strategies and vulnerabilities in cloud, application, and API environments.

9. Guide Research and Development: Allocate budget to research and development efforts using Prancer’s extensive Discovery technology, Vulnerability disclosures, Breach Mapping and Remediation Tracking Dashboards.

The Path Forward

Incorporating Prancer BAS and Automated Pentesting technology into your cybersecurity strategy aligns seamlessly with your business plans for 2024. These tools empower you to identify vulnerabilities, enhance personnel skills, ensure compliance, improve incident response, and leverage external research/expertise.

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In this ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, Prancer is your steadfast ally, ensuring that your organization’s digital fortifications remain resilient and ready to face the challenges of the future.