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Red Teaming and Automated penetration testing with Prancer Security Solution
October 28, 2022

As organizations increasingly move to the cloud, they must also ensure that their data and applications are secure. Prancer provides a cloud security solution that helps organizations protect their infrastructure and applications while taking advantage of the many benefits of the cloud. Prancer provides a continuous validation platform to ensure your cloud environment is secure and compliant with industry standards.

Securing data as well as applications in the dynamic transition to cloud adaptation is crucial. The company has developed automated penetration testing, known as APT, as part of its cloud security solution, whereby organizations can secure their infrastructure and take advantage of the numerous benefits of the cloud at the same time. Prancer provides a continuous validation platform that ensures your cloud environment is secure and compliant for cloud journey smoothness.

Here is a breakdown of how the solution works!

Prancer connects to enterprise resources in the cloud to discover all the attack surfaces at both the Infrastructure and Application layers. The source of information is the control plane configuration data available from the cloud solution providers for applications and code repositories.

The Prancer engine reviews the security configuration of the application infrastructure and correlates data from different sources to provide immediate feedback to the client about non-compliant items. It reports back all the security concerns to the client and provides remediation.

Based on the Intelligence out of the auto-discovery and analysis phase, Prancer now understands the application’s underlying technologies and infrastructure design. Prancer strategizes attacks against enterprise assets based on this gained knowledge.

Attack Automation
Prancer uses its patented solution for Attack automation. The Prancer engine creates attack chains and lateral movement strategies. It schedules the attacks on demand, on a scheduled basis, or in a continuous validation mode.

The latest attack manifests are reloaded from the codified attack database. This database includes common vulnerabilities like OWASP top 10, SANS top 25, Zero-day vulnerabilities and CVEs and custom business logic testing developed by threat developers. All relevant attacks to the application and infrastructure in which the engine gained intelligence based on the auto-discovery phase are reloaded to the engine. This database is maintained by the Prancer Research team feeding from CVEs, CSPs, the dark web, and national vulnerability databases.

Attack Emulation
Prancer patented Penetration testing as Code (PAC) engine makes attacks emulation against enterprise assets to find security holes and validates the fixes. The scanner engine can run inside the client’s network or make an external attack. All black box, grey box, and white box scenarios are fully automated and integrated into the platform to comprehensively view the available vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessment and scoring
Prancer presents the prioritized risks and security assessment of company assets from the attacker’s viewpoint. This risk-based scoring gives invaluable information to the security operators to remediate vulnerabilities before the exploit happens.

Prancer helps organizations of any size to benefit from the automated penetration testing for their cloud and on-premise application and build their Red Teaming exercise efficiently with predefined recipes!


Prancer’s automated penetration testing and red teaming capabilities provide organizations with an effective way to identify and address vulnerabilities in their systems. With a comprehensive set of tools that can simulate a variety of attacks, Prancer enables teams to test their systems more thoroughly and accurately. This approach to penetration testing is essential for organizations looking to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure the security of their critical data and systems. By utilizing Prancer’s solution, organizations can achieve a more robust security posture and better protect themselves from cyber attacks.