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Red Teaming on a Budget: How Prancer Slashes Cyberdefense Costs without Sacrificing Security
January 3, 2024
Cloud Security Validation

Costs of Cyberattacks: Millions in damages

Cyberattacks are no longer an “if” but a “when.” And when they hit, the costs can be catastrophic – millions in damages, reputational ruin, and operational paralysis. In today’s climate, cutting corners on cybersecurity is simply not an option. But for security executives leading lean teams and managing tight budgets, finding the right tools and processes to proactively test and harden defenses can feel like an expensive balancing act.

Enter Prancer, the red teamer’s Swiss army knife for maximizing security while minimizing opex. Forget about sprawling ecosystems of disjointed tools and mountains of unactionable data. Prancer is a multifaceted platform designed to streamline every stage of the red teaming process, delivering the same level of security rigor for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how Prancer cuts through the complexity and saves you money:

1. Comprehensive Asset Discovery:

No more chasing hidden vulnerabilities. Prancer uncovers your entire IT landscape, from on-premises servers to cloud APIs, ensuring there’s nowhere for attackers to hide. This eliminates wasted time and resources spent on false positives and missed attack vectors, leading to faster, more focused testing and remediation.


2. Realistic Attack Emulation:

Ditch the patchwork of tools and manual processes. Prancer seamlessly integrates best-in-class attack tools into a single platform, letting you orchestrate sophisticated attack simulations that mimic real-world threats. This reduces the need for costly third-party penetration testing and delivers actionable insights to harden your defenses against the most pressing threats.



3. Streamlined Risk Consolidation:

Stop drowning in data. Prancer consolidates findings from diverse sources (SAST, DAST, penetration tests) into a single, unified view. This saves your team hours of analysis and report compilation, allowing them to prioritize risks effectively and allocate resources efficiently.


4. Actionable Reports:

No more technical jargon and endless pages. Prancer creates concise, customizable reports that everyone can understand, from your security analysts to the C-suite. This improves communication, fosters informed decision-making, and ensures rapid response to critical vulnerabilities.

The proof is in the pudding: A recent case study of a Fortune 500 company using Prancer revealed a 30% reduction in time spent on vulnerability management, a 25% decrease in penetration testing costs, and a 50% improvement in remediation efficiency. In other words, Prancer isn’t just about security, it’s about smart financial decisions.

Ready to stop playing catch-up with the threat landscape and turn red teaming into a cost-saving asset? Take a free trial of Prancer today and experience the difference. Discover how to proactively test your defenses, optimize your red teaming processes, and deliver maximum security at a fraction of the cost.