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Your challenge...securing more API’s and Web Applications with less expertise and budget. And more cybercrime is happening every day! The Prancer Challenge Calculator was developed to give you an idea of how much of a difference this innovative automation platform will make for your organization.

  • Planning and Discovering Challenge Find out how much faster you can launch into continuous protection
  • Testing and Remediation Challenge Find out how much pentesting time, budget and productivity you will gain with the Prancer Automation
  • Reporting Challenge Find out how much more efficient risk reports, quarterly audits and comprehensive security evaluations can be produced

Prancer Challenge — Quick Review Calculator

Just fill in 4 quick categories and see how the Prancer Automation can drive valuable time, budget and performance improvements for your organization:

The Prancer Pentest Advantage

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We understand that this is an estimate of time, budget and productivity improvements. Our Prancer Challenge Calculator uses industry average fees ($2500 per pentester per day) and time projections. If you would like a more comprehensive Challenge Report, please fill out the “I want to see my Prancer Challenge Results” form below! One of our Prancer Challenge Experts will set up a quick discussion with your team.

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You would benefit from Prancer's PtaaS solution


Prancer can get more done for less. Our pentesting services have a higher ROI, beating out traditional services in OWASP Top 10, Web Services, Mobile, Network, APIs, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


Prancer automated pentesting through real-time, in-app vulnerability findings. Get your results quicker with an immediate boost to your security posture.


More tests, more testers, all with a higher accuracy rate. Access professional cybersecurity services with the expert team at Prancer.

Prancer Challenge—Comprehensive Evaluator and Report

Submit the form to get even more detailed results. We will send additional findings, like the recommended number of pentests per year, coverage calculations, and much more.