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Streamlining Zero Trust Identity Testing: The Power of Prancer’s Authenticated Testing Module
November 28, 2023

The paradigm shift towards Zero Trust architecture in cybersecurity has set new benchmarks for rigorous validation of user identities and access controls. Amidst this shift, the task of penetration testing (pentesting) to ensure the robustness of these controls has become both crucial and complex. Managing credentials, testing various access scenarios, and validating permissions can be an arduous and error-prone process. This is where Prancer’s Authenticated Testing Module comes to the forefront, offering a streamlined, secure, and efficient solution for Zero Trust Identity Testing.

Intuitive and Secure: The Authenticated Testing Module

Prancer’s Authenticated Testing Module is engineered to address the challenges inherent in pentesting within a Zero Trust framework. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the configuration of complex testing scenarios. The integration of a secret manager further refines the process, allowing pentesters to securely manage credentials without direct handling. This integration abstracts the complexities of credential management, enabling pentesters to focus on the critical aspects of security assessment without the burden of secret management.

Secure Authentication Options at Your Fingertips

With the need for multiple system accounts and Mutual TLS (MTLS) client credentials to test various Zero Trust user access and service access scenarios, Prancer’s secret manager emerges as a beacon of efficiency. It enables all these credentials to be handled programmatically, ensuring that the pentesters are insulated from the risks associated with direct secret management.

Bulk Testing: Zero Trust Validation at Scale

Beyond simplifying individual tests, Prancer’s Authenticated Testing Module amplifies efficiency by enabling bulk testing capabilities. This means that once the authentication logic is configured and the secret management is in place, Prancer allows for scoping and testing multiple applications’ specific authorization test cases with just a single click. For MSSPs and security teams, this capability translates to an unprecedented scale of Zero Trust validation, enhancing productivity and coverage.

JWT Auth – Prancer Docs

A Single Click to Comprehensive Security Assessments

This single-click approach is not just about ease of use; it’s a revolutionary step in ensuring comprehensive security assessments can be conducted swiftly, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of identifying potential security gaps.

Insightful Reporting: Beyond the Surface

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of Prancer’s Authenticated Testing Module is its insightful reporting capabilities. Zero Trust architectures demand meticulous validation of every API endpoint and application method, a task that can be overwhelming for security analysts. Prancer’s module addresses this by highlighting unique findings, particularly those related to broken authorization and Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) vulnerabilities. The below example indicates an unauthorized API endpoint that accepts arbitrary data.

Unveiling the Veiled Vulnerabilities

The reports generated provide deep insights that go beyond surface-level analysis. They help in uncovering nuanced vulnerabilities that could be exploited by adversaries, thereby strengthening the overall security posture of the organization.


In an era where Zero Trust is not just a concept but a mandatory security stance, Prancer’s Authenticated Testing Module stands out as an essential tool for security professionals. It streamlines the complex processes of Zero Trust Identity Testing, enabling security teams to execute comprehensive, secure, and efficient assessments. With Prancer, the path to validating and ensuring airtight Zero Trust environments becomes clearer, actionable, and more achievable than ever before.