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The Basic Functions of DevOps Can Still Speed Up Your Entire Security System
October 1, 2020
Cloud Security Validation

An Era of Innovation: The Role of DevOps in Automated Security and Application Protection

As we navigate the accelerating pace of digital advancement, the significance of application security comes to the fore. With mounting technological challenges, traditional security methods are being outpaced, necessitating a shift to advanced, automated solutions. Within this realm of evolution, DevOps emerges as a significant driving force in enhancing automated security measures, particularly for application protection, with Prancer as your leading partner in this transformation.

Driving Efficiency: The Interplay of Automation, Orchestration, and DevOps in Application Security

DevOps is a game-changing approach that integrates development and operations teams for streamlined workflow and increased efficiency. Automated security forms a vital part of this DevOps philosophy, focusing on the incorporation of technology to bolster the security of applications, their associated data, and infrastructure.

Automated security operates primarily on the principles of automation and orchestration. Security automation involves the use of advanced tools and software to perform repetitive security tasks, eliminating the need for manual intervention, minimizing human error, and improving efficiency. This automation, in turn, allows your security teams to focus on more complex, strategic tasks that require a human touch.

Orchestration, the second principle, deals with coordinating these automated tasks into a unified, well-orchestrated workflow. By integrating diverse automated tasks, orchestration paves the way for a more seamless and efficient application security approach.

Prancer, your ally in this process, offers a platform that seamlessly integrates with your DevOps process, providing powerful automated security solutions tailored to your needs.

The Prancer Advantage: Fostering Application Security through IaC and DevOps Integration

The potential of automated security is further amplified when coupled with Infrastructure as Code (IaC), an innovative IT practice that turns infrastructure into code. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enables the automation of infrastructure management, making it an invaluable tool in the realm of application security.

Through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), automated security controls can be applied at all stages of infrastructure setup and maintenance, allowing continuous monitoring and adjustments for robust application protection. Additionally, the standardization of environments and version control enabled by IaC reduces inconsistencies that could lead to security vulnerabilities, making it easier to onboard new environments and services without compromising application security.

To fully leverage the advantages of IaC, it must be integrated into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, which are a key component of the DevOps approach. These pipelines provide a reliable process for developing, testing, and deploying code, playing a pivotal role in facilitating real-time application security checks and adjustments.

In this context, Prancer’s cloud validation framework stands as a powerful solution, seamlessly integrating with your CI/CD pipelines to apply automated security measures and ensuring your application security remains uncompromised.

Looking Ahead: Prancer’s Role in Reinforcing Automated Security in the Application Security Landscape

As we progress into a new digital age, DevOps, automated security, and IaC are not simply buzzwords. They represent a significant shift in the application security landscape. This evolution, geared towards improving efficiency and efficacy, equips businesses to better secure their applications in an increasingly interconnected digital world.

In this transformative journey, Prancer acts as your trusted partner, offering a dynamic platform to empower and streamline your application security through automation. As we continue to explore the limitless potential of this security evolution, Prancer stands committed to delivering robust, automated security solutions that meet your unique needs.