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Automated Pentest as a Service (PTaaS)

Enterprises are looking for better ways to pentest their systems and protect themselves against cybercrime. However, traditional pentesting methods are often slow, expensive, and require a lot of technical expertise. Prancer Automated PTaaS platform offers a unique combination of low-code and no-code approaches to provide unrivaled coverage to your infrastructure, APIs and Web Apps. Prancer’s Automated Pentest As A Service (PTaaS) solution is fast, easy to use, and affordable. You can get started in minutes without any coding or scripting experience. Prancer’s fully automated PTaaS platform offers the quickest and most comprehensive way to pentest your systems. With Prancer, you can find vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them. Sign up for a free trial today!

Risk Driven Findings

Siloed security tools and findings make it difficult to accurately view the overall risk posture. This can lead to a high number of false positives and inaccurate risk scores. Prancer's Automate Pentest As A Service (PTaaS) solution correlates and consolidates your infrastructure findings with application security findings to maximize the accuracy of risk scores.

Zero trust security validation

A zero trust approach fundamentally changes how applications are designed - now, they are meant to be internet-facing by default. Several tools exist to implement Zero Trust security, but one challenge is the automatic validation of policies at scale. Prancers PTaaS for Zero Trust Security Validation overcomes this hurdle by assuming different threat contexts at scale.

Low Code and No Code Approach

Prancer's fully automated Pentest As A Service (PTaaS) offers a unique combination of low- code and no-code approaches to provide unrivaled transparency and control to your infrastructure, APIs and Web Apps. Our Automated PTaaS platform makes it possible to automate the complex pentest use cases and scale them across multiple environments without hiring more pentesters.

CI/CD integration and Shift-left

Offensive security testing should be handled earlier in the software development lifecycle as part of the developer experience because it can help developers build more secure code from the beginning. Prancer's fully automated PTaaS makes it possible to integrate security testing into the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process, which helps to shift left security testing and reduce its impact on the overall timeline.

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