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Prancer appoints seasoned executive and angel investor Jeff King as Chief Strategy Officer
June 22, 2022
Jeff King

San Diego, CA, USA, June 22, 2022 – Prancer Inc, a visionary cloud cyber security SAAS provider, is excited to announce Jeff King as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. Jeff has spent over 40 years in business, evaluating and leading strategic directions for a variety of organizations. He has worked with numerous start-ups and led sales, marketing, and strategy positions. Jeff invested and launched Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Automation, and Cybersecurity technologies in major projects for several clients and host of Kellogg innovation series.

“I am a firm advocate of continuing end-to-end offensive security testing in order to combat cloud attacks. With numerous shift-left cloud security solutions on the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a citizen developer to embrace security tooling and understand its value early in the SDLC without sacrificing efficiency. I’m excited to be here on behalf of Prancer, and I’m happy to assist our customers in finding an adaptable, pragmatic, and automated pentesting solution that seamlessly combines offensive testing into their development process while also providing a cost-effective approach to creating attack-ready clouds.” said Jeff King, Prancer’s CSO.

“Jeff is one of the few executives and investors in the market who have deep knowledge on how security concerns might impact businesses when adopting cloud too quickly. With Jeff’s experience and expertise, we’re thrilled to have him on our side as we continue to work toward making it easier for companies to seamlessly enable the quickest path to effective security validation in their cloud transformation journey” said Farshid Mahdavipour, CEO & Founder of Prancer.

“Jeff’s vast knowledge and access to a larger client base will help to elevate and align Prancer in all areas of business as we sharpen our customer focus, expand our automated pentesting as service offerings, and execute our go-to-market strategy. I’m looking forward to Jeff taking the wheel and leading our teams toward success” stated Sasi Naga, President of Prancer

Prancer is a cloud security validation platform that allows for rapid cloud security validation at scale using shift-left methodologies, with the shortest path to creating secure and attack-ready clouds for current as well as new applications. It also reduces the time it takes for manual security testing by weeks or months. The Prancer product lines include comprehensive cloud security ‘policies as code’ as well as sophisticated penetration testing capabilities. It guarantees a risks-oriented approach not just for detecting zero-day vulnerabilities and other cloud infrastructure flaws, but also for assessing the security posture from every angle on a regular basis. Jeff will play a key role in Prancer’s product usability and market fit, assuring that it is appropriate for protecting customers’ cloud transformation journeys.

About Prancer

Prancer is the industry’s first cloud-native, self-service SAAS platform for automated security validation and penetration testing in the cloud. Prancer provides a comprehensive suite of Infrastructure As Code (IAC) security and penetration testing as code (PAC) solutions to enable shift-left approaches to implement both preventative controls as well as offensive security testing mechanisms, allowing you to rapidly validate your cloud applications against ever-growing sophisticated purpose-built cyber threats at scale, resulting in faster release cycles, greater false-positive reduction, and cost savings for both security and engineering teams. For more information visit https://www.prancer.io