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An Introduction to Penetration Testing as Code Framework (PAC) Video Series
January 31, 2022

Understanding Penetration Testing as Code (PAC)

Nowadays, companies are always being targeted by bad guys on the internet. To keep themselves safe, they need a plan that uses people who test how secure their systems are. These experts can help find and use weaknesses in systems, but this task may take a long time and cost money. The future of attacking security is in machines doing tasks, and that’s where Penetration Testing as Code Framework enters the picture. In some videos, we talk about how this new way can help you make safe things in the future that cost less to use and work well with Prancer.

These are the topics we are covering in this series of videos:

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PTaC (Pen Testing as Code Framework) is a new way to do penetration testing. It lets companies make and include security checking into how they develop their software automatically. This method has many good things. It makes the results more correct, can handle big data and helps security and development teams work together better. Using tools like Prancer’s solution can help companies test their systems more carefully. This will find weaknesses before the development process is completed and keep important data safe from attacks. PTaC is a key tool for companies wanting to stay ahead of possible dangers and keep good safety levels.

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