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Prancer Cloud Validation Framework Releases New Version with More Capabilities
August 29, 2019
Cloud Validation Framework Releases New Version with More Capabilities

Prancer, a company that provides clients with a DevOps framework to validate resources that they deploy on the cloud, is excited to announce the cloud validation framework release of newest version. The team at Prancer is constantly working to create new solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s businesses. This updated version of their framework or cloud validation framework release offers a new level of scalability, which is perfect for enterprise-level deployment.
Prancer has long recognized the power of the cloud and has been committed to providing secure solutions that help businesses smoothly transition to the cloud and get the most out of their resources. From creating custom scripts and automation frameworks to manual provisioning and web-based interfaces to use your cloud, Prancer offers a range of DevOps tools that work to validate cloud implementation and allow security operators to ensure maximum security. The company also utilizes open source community and collaboration to accelerate the speed of innovation.
The newest version of their cloud validation framework release allows customers to utilize a cluster of prancer processors in order to create a microservice environment. All of the servers are then connected to a single NoSQL repository to safely store the data. These features help to create an incredibly scalable product that can grow with your business, which is perfect for enterprise-level deployment and continue to provide the absolute best in secure and flexible cloud solutions.

About Prancer

Prancer (https://www.prancer.io) was created with the goal of providing any size business with a cloud validation framework that enables cloud governance and multi-cloud validation. By understanding the needs of today’s clients, creating innovative solutions and collaborating through open source networks, we are working to make cloud technology more secure and versatile.
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