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Prancer Enterprise Unveils Pioneering External Findability Feature for Attack Surface Assessment, Transforming Application Security Posture Management
July 13, 2023
Application Security Posture Management

Overview of Prancer Enterprise’s new feature

San Diego, CA – 07/12/23 – Prancer Enterprise, a frontrunner in contemporary security solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of an industry-first feature, Intelligent Attack Surface Assessment. This cutting-edge feature enhances Prancer’s Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) capabilities, offering an exhaustive overview of the client’s digital footprint and widening the possibilities for penetration testing and offensive security measures.

The Intelligent Attack Surface Assessment feature signifies a landmark development in external findability, an essential element of modern cybersecurity. By employing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it uncovers and catalogs external domains linked to a client’s main public domain, correlates with the current assets the company maintains and showcases the information flow. This expands the traditional understanding of a client’s attack surface beyond merely application resources to encompass all public-facing digital assets.

With this unparalleled solution, Prancer Enterprise is dynamically redefining the scope of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM). In the past, Prancer’s Autonomous Security Wizard generated Penetration Testing Asset Catalogs (PACs) for resources on Azure, AWS, GCP and private clouds. Now, thanks to the External Findability feature, this PAC creation extends to external domains identified via OSINT, offering a more comprehensive and nuanced perspective of the client’s security stance.

Harnessing AI, Prancer’s innovative feature can formulate potential attack scenarios, providing predictive analysis of potential vulnerabilities. Moreover, Prancer’s proprietary Custom Attack Database allows for loading relevant custom attacks based on the application type, enabling a targeted, automated penetration testing experience for end users.

“Our mission is to stay ahead in the dynamic field of cybersecurity,” says Farshid Mahdavipour, CEO of Prancer. “By integrating AI and leveraging our Custom Attack Database in the Attack Surface Assessment feature, we empower our clients with an advanced tool, helping them generate their cyber assets and identify vulnerabilities and bolster their defenses against cyber threats.”

“Developers will receive in-depth technical documentation and guidelines to assist in integrating this trailblazing feature. Their efforts will be critical in unlocking the potential of the External Findability feature, enhancing our product’s value and ensuring our clients’ security.” says Kumar Chandramoulie, Chief Product Officer of Prancer. Prancer Enterprise is proud to launch this groundbreaking feature and remains committed to its goal of delivering top-tier security posture management solutions.

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